About Us

EVIS (East Vision Information System) UAE is an IT solution provider establishment with aspiring goals started in 2013 with Strong Knowledge, Creativity & Leadership of Emirates.

In the recent past, U.A.E had made a lot of achievement in the field of information technology. Our mission is to create and provide IT solution with unique trend suitable for the emiratie requirements and to support the development of smart city through promoting an Emirate brand in international quality.

Looking into the future EVIS aims to create a technology product, which is manufacture in U.A.E. & market it world-wide, not only that EVIS aims to face all the challenges and become the first Technology Brand in world in inline to the words of H.H Mohammed Bin Rashid: “I and my people accept only the first place.”

As an IT Solution provider EVIS provides innovative technology through expert engineers and consultations to give the best performance products, which are cost effective with an excellent quality of service.

Last and not least, I have my own trips & experience around the world to discover what is new in technology, and I discovered that from our desert & loyalty for this country taking the example of our fore-fathers. I believe with our resources & the knowledge acquired we can create some unique solutions to become one of the TOP brand.

Special thanks for His Hignes Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed for supporting EVIS to establish by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.

Jaber Abdullah Alansari
Chairman & CEO